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29-11-2013 / Final Heiress

Final Heiress - "Cry from the Undertow" - Lyrics

Ahí van las letras de un tema especialmente emocionante de Final Heiress (el 6 de diciembre 2013 en la Sala Excalibur, Madrid - por primera vez en España!):

Final Heiress - Cry from the undertow

Machinegun fire on the square’s and streets
A salvo from the mortars defeat

Some crawling disconnected it’s sober what they say
Realized they are touched by the last golden ray’s

Contaminated earth no redeem on this fateful day
Sitting with contentment whom did them sway?

Who’s shooting now with eyes I daren’t met in dream
The infirm gloom of a sick political stream.

Whispers and small laughter transfixed with ignominy
No rejoice because things aren’t what it used to be

The obscene unsubstantial wind is chilling my inner
Moon with unfettered earth and sinners scammed their last dinner

Those lingered voices teared us as we’re drown by shrunken seas
Switches controlling and leading and red lights kept on bleeding

Who’s shooting now with eyes I dare not met in my dream
The infirm gloom of a sick political stream

Weak spirits quickens to rebel
For golden rote and lost sea smell
Combed white hair of the waves blown back

Wind wreathed it with seaweed red and black
Harbours sweating oil and tar