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Nile  - Black Seeds Of Vengeance

over Artwork
01. Invocation Of The Gate Of Aat-Ankh-es-en-Amenti
02. Black Seeds Of Vengeance
03. Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar
04. The Black Flame
05. Libation Unto The Shades Who Lurk In The Shadows Of The Temple Of Anhur
06. Masturbating The War God
07. Multitude Of Foes
08. Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
09. Nas Akhu Khan She En Asbiu
10. To Dream Of Ur
11. The Nameless City Of The Accursed
12. Khetti Satha Shemsu
Relapse Records  (2000)
Techno Death
Album / CD


Karl Sanders - Guitars/Vocals
Chief Spires - Bass/Vocals
Dallas Toler-Wade - Guitars/Vocals
Pete Hammoura - Drums
Derek Roddy - Additional Drums

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