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06-04-2010Savatage Still The Orchestra Playsbk
05-04-2010Phlegeton Drifting in the Cryptbk
05-04-2010Sacrilege Reaping the Demo(n)s bk
24-03-2010Armageddon Embrace The Mystery And Threebk
24-03-2010Dark Tranquillity We Are the Voidbk
24-03-2010Dark Fortress Ylembk
24-03-2010High on Fire Snakes for the Divinebk
24-03-2010Orphaned Land The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriORbk
24-03-2010Finntroll Nifelvindbk
24-03-2010Andralls Andrallsbk
10-03-2010Winter’s Verge Tales of Tragedyadalid
10-03-2010Oker Dale cañabk
06-03-2010Gamma Ray To the Metaladalid
06-03-2010Sacred Steel Carnage Victoryadalid
06-03-2010Crematory Infinityadalid
10-02-2010Centinela Teoría de la fidelidadnightcrawler
10-02-2010Cuernos de Chivo Deshumanizaciónbk
10-02-2010Various Artists Metal Nortebk
05-02-2010Vidres a la Sang Sombk
05-02-2010Kuturlat Where The Crows Reign...nightcrawler

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