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19-03-2008Sieges Even Paramountbk
18-03-2008Avantasia The Scarecrowbk
16-03-2008Third Moon Dimorphic Cynosurebk
15-03-2008Cataract Cataractbk
15-03-2008Ayreon 01011001bk
14-03-2008Kingdom of Sorrow Kingdom Of Sorrowbk
14-03-2008Various Artists Rock S´Cool - A Spanking Good Song Collectionnightcrawler
14-03-2008Bass Invaders Hellbassbeatersbk
14-03-2008Brain Drill Apocalytic Feastingbk
14-03-2008Epicurean A Consequence of Designbk
13-03-2008Hate Eternal Fury & Flamesbk
10-03-2008Ingrimm Ihr sollt brennenJesús Fernández
03-03-2008Adorned Brood HeldentatJesús Fernández
27-02-2008Let Me Dream SoulshineJesús Fernández
26-02-2008Mely ...Leave and enter empty rooms...Jesús Fernández
20-02-2008Andre Matos Time To Be Freebk
13-02-2008This Is Hell SundowningCristo
13-02-2008Soldiers End Of DaysCristo
12-02-2008Crematory PrayJesús Fernández
08-02-2008Lay Down Rotten Reconquering the Pitbk

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