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Noticias - Audio & Video

25-03-2012ASPHYX - Deathhammer (OFFICIAL VIDEO)   (Century Media)
24-03-2012WARBRINGER - Shattered Like Glass (OFFICIAL VIDEO)   (Century Media)
24-03-2012Every Time I Die - "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space"   (Epitaph Records)
24-03-2012TAROT - Wings Of Darkness   (Nuclear Blast)
24-03-2012IN LEGEND - PANDEMONIUM (Hand-hammered Piano Craft)   (In Legend)
24-03-2012NOCTURNIA - Hermanos  (Nocturnia)
24-03-2012WOLF - Skull Crusher (OFFICIAL VIDEO)   (Century Media)
24-03-2012AMORPHIS - You I Need  (Nuclear Blast)
24-03-2012SYLOSIS - Empyreal   (Nuclear Blast)
23-03-2012HELL - On Earth As It Is In Hell   (Nuclear Blast)
20-03-2012Adrenaline Mob - The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath Cover)   (Century Media)
20-03-2012Suicide Silence - You Only Live Once - Official Lyric Video  (Century Media)
20-03-2012SUICIDE SILENCE - "Fuck Everything" Lyric Video   (Century Media)
20-03-2012Switchtense In Front of Your Eyes live at GDL 2011  (Switchtense)
20-03-2012SWITCHTENSE Concrete Walls + Face Off LIVE @ METAL GDL 2011   (Switchtense)
18-03-2012DARK TRANQUILLITY - In My Absence (OFFICIAL VIDEO)   (Century Media)
15-03-2012Engl TV- Victor Smolski Studio report 2012   (Nuclear Blast)
14-03-2012SCREAMING FOR METAL 2012 PROMO  (Screaming for Metal Fest)
09-03-2012Agresiva- The Glorious Revolution (Eternal Foe, 2012)   (Agresiva)
08-02-2012Gae Bolga - Blood of the Demon   (Screaming for Metal Fest)

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