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18-08-2010WITCHERY - Witchkrieg feat. Kerry King (OFFICIAL VIDEO)   (Century Media)
18-08-2010Scion Rock Fest: Brutal Truth "On The Hunt"  (Relapse Records)
18-08-2010BRUTAL TRUTH - "Sugar Daddy"   (Relapse Records)
18-08-2010BRUTAL TRUTH - "Get A Therapist...Spare The World"   (Relapse Records)
11-07-2010Klangstabil "Vertraut"  (Klangstabil)
08-07-2010Behemoth - Alas, Lord Is Upon Me Teaser   (Nuclear Blast)
08-07-2010KREATOR "Destroy what destroys you"  (SPV)
08-07-2010Parkway Drive - "Sleepwalker"   (Epitaph)
08-07-2010Amorphis - Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes DVD Teaser   (Nuclear Blast)
08-07-2010ACCEPT - TEUTONIC TERROR  (Nuclear Blast)
08-07-2010SCAR SYMMETRY - The Iconoclast   (Nuclear Blast)
08-07-2010SICK OF IT ALL - Based On A True Story - Track by Track (Part 2)   (Century Media)
08-07-2010SICK OF IT ALL - Based On A True Story - Track by Track (Part 1)   (Century Media)
08-07-2010Darkseed - Poison Awaits - recording sessions  (Massacre Records)
08-07-2010VOICES OF DESTINY - All Eyes on Me  (Massacre Records)
08-07-2010CORONATUS Kristallklares Wasser  (Massacre Records)
08-07-2010THE PROPHECY23 - From The Basement To The Pit  (Massacre Records)
08-07-2010THE PROPHECY23 TV EPISODE II   (Massacre Records)
08-07-2010SUICIDAL ANGELS - Apokathilosis   (Nuclear Blast)
08-07-2010HYPOCRISY - Weed Out The Weak   (Nuclear Blast)

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